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Global Survey of Youth-led Peacebuilding Organizations and Initiatives

UNOY Peacebuilders and Search for Common Ground have been working with the  Secretariat for the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security to develop a global survey of youth-led peacebuilding organizations and initiatives.

The purpose is to map youth organizations and initiatives building peace and preventing violence, to identify what they are doing, what impact they have made and their needs and goals for the future.

The survey will be one of the key ways of collecting data for the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security, forming a direct way for young people to have their work represented in the study. It will also be used to create a publicly available database of consenting youth peacebuilding organizations and initiatives.

Does your organization fit the following?

  • Youth-led: The organization or initiative is primarily made up of, and driven by (including leadership positions) young people. Resolution 2250 defines young people as falling within the age range of 18-29 years old, while taking into account the variations of defining the youth that may exist in different contexts.
  • Working on peace and security: Implementing actions that aim to build peace, prevent violence, transform conflict and actively contribute to establish sustainable peace in their community, nation or region.

If so, please take part in the survey! https://www.youth4peace.info/survey

The survey is composed of 5 sectons which include areas of work and methods, results and impact, challenges and issues, and recommendations. it will take around around 30 min to complete the survey.

If you have any questions about the survey, please write to survey@unoy.org




Amman Youth Declaration Calls For Action From Local Governments On Peacebuilding

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August 22, 2015
After many months consultations and engaging youth globally, the Amman Youth Declaration  was adopted by the over 400 youth delegates attending the Global Forum on Youth, Peace and Security held in Amman, Jordan on August 21/22, 2015. The Declaration is the first of its kind to address youth and peacebuilding issues.
The Declaration calls for the full engagement of youth and youth-led organizations in issues of peace and security. Unique to the declaration is its strong focus on local authorities. As UN-Habitat has often stated, the first port of call for youth is local government; the inclusion of this in the Declaration is a strong step towards assuring the achievement of the proposed actions.
The Declaration makes a calls on local authorities, in partnership with other levels of government,  to undertake the following:
  1. Facilitate an enabling environment in which youth actors are recognised and provided with adequate support to implement violence prevention activities. This space must be inclusive of young men and women from different social, political, economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.
  2. Recognize and support what young people are already doing in preventing violence and violent extremism. Governments at all levels should build upon the existing capacities, networks and resources of young people in their countries and communities, as well as at the international level.
  3.  Ensure that contextual research is conducted in collaboration with young people and youth organizations to identify the drivers and enablers of violence and extremism in order to design effective responses at local, national and international levels
  4. Establish mechanisms to meaningfully involve youth in current and future peace processes, including formal peace negotiations from the local to the global levels. These mechanisms need to ensure youth are engaged as equal partners and promote youth leadership.
  5. Establish temporary special measures, including minimum quotas, for the participation of girls and women in all decision- and policy-making levels.


The final wrap up included a statement from the Envoy who declared that he will “continue to advocate for youth to have a seat at the peace negotiation table.”

“Words are not enough, action has to happen,” Jordan Minister of Foreign Affairs on being given Amman Declaration.
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#Youth4Peace, we have finally adopted the Amman Declaration, well done youth of the World. — Francine Muyumba (@Muyumba)