Philomena on Land Issues …

The key thing to day at the youth caucus that has been interesting …………. The elaboration by the agency on land issues is great………though it shows that the land and youth are related yet its a gray area where a lot of work needs to be done. especially in the low income settlements creative and innovative ways of have been in other continents like Asia I think where land tenure has been customized in view of the socio-economic aspects of the communities. Something that could be replicated and used in connection to youths and land in Africa……therefore we as young people have a lot of opportunity here to create jobs maybe??? tackle this issues……… what will you do??

The 23rd Session of the UN-Habitat Governing Council

The Youth Advisory Board arrived in Nairobi, Kenya this weekend to participate in the 23rd session of the Governing Council.

Opening Assembly

Eager to contribute a youth perspective to the continuing dialogue on the rapid urbanization of global communities, we are ready to meet with member states and advance a collective youth perspective!

The morning opened with the daily youth caucus where youth have dedicated space to meet and strategize on common objectives.  YAB would love to meet with any youth who are attending the GC and are available to discuss any questions or concerns!

The opening session featured presentations by the President of the Republic of Kenya, President Mwai Kibaki, and the Executive Director of UN-Habitat, Mr. Joan Clos, with an opening performance by the local musical group “Ghetto Classic.”

We look forward to an informative and productive week!