The 3rd Public Spaces Biennale kicks off in Rome, Italy!

On Thursday, the third Public Spaces Biennale commenced in the beautiful city of Rome. UN-HABITAT’s team from Programme on Public Spaces organizes several sessions over the three days of the conference. The youth voice is conveyed by the European YAB representative, Dana Podmolikova from Czech Republic.

Over 600 speakers are scheduled to take the floor in one dozens of sessions discussing the importance, design and various implementation strategies for public spaces. With the growing popularity, the Biennale has now international guests, raising the profile and scope of discussions and examples. 20150522_13440620150522_134435 If not in the sessions, participants can wonder around the venue and admire some of the best practices and work that is being done. Very interesting and fascinating examples of participatory community development of public spaces are on display! The exhibition presents them in very creative ways outdoors. 20150521_12432820150522_134349


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