UN-HABITAT & Cities Alliance Partnership – Youth Project in Peru

(Department of Libertad) Trujillo, Peru: Department of La Libertad is a province in Trujillo located in the Northwestern part of Peru; it inhabits 811,979 people, where 65% of them counts as youth.

The main problem of population density in the Department of La Libertad is that over 70% of the population lives in the city of Trujillo, resulting in high concentration of people in poor urban district which leads to poor living conditions, such as: Irregular housing in the hills, unplanned urban spaces invading green areas, limited access to water sources, poor environmental practices – social problems, poverty and lack of employment opportunities for young people. 

To make a change to these poor living condition problems in a sustainable way with a wide coverage, The UN-HABITAT and Cities Alliances are currently working together on a project to promote urban youth development in Peru (Catalytic Fund). The main priority is to, first and foremost, encourage the improvements of the living conditions, raise awareness for environmental protection (water, protection of green areas), and provide the youth with the opportunities to enhance their artistic skills for future employment. The next step is to work in partnership with the local governments to create new satisfactory public policies in the municipal level.

Fortunately, the UN-HABITAT urban youth fund has previously supported RASA JOVEN with a similar project in Trujillo. The aim of the project is to engage youth in the community life and promote activities towards protection of the environment and income generation.

…Their current plan is to develop a pilot of different dance choreographies (break dance and local dance) and a team painting houses in parts of the community.

With more awareness amongst organisations and the public, the faster can the Department of La Libertad rise out of poverty.


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