World Urban Forum in Medellín, Colombia

First day at the World Urban Forum! Follow this blog and the YAB Facebook page to keep up with news from Medellín, Colombia!

Youth Advisory Board members met with representatives of the Medellín Youth Secretariat to discuss mutual objectives and ways to integrate their actions at the Youth Assembly and Forum. In addition to their collaboration at  the Youth Assembly, it was decided to organize a joint visit to innovative youth-led projects, in order to share information and experiences between Medellín youth and youth from around the world. The Youth Advisory Board thanks the Medellín staff for their warm welcome!

YAB Medellín
Youth Advisory Board members Dana, Maya and Edi with Medellín Youth Secretariat representatives Juan Camilo, Luz Marina and Julio

One thought on “World Urban Forum in Medellín, Colombia”

  1. I am Dhungana Kamal Prasad From Nepal .Nepali youth seeking some chances for doing innovative development in nation and whole in whole worlds so give us chances for them.your little chance well token of love ….

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