freshman at college

The first few days at a new place are always difficult and it becomes more difficult if it’s a school where you are most probably the most alone, though among lot of several people but who are all strangers. A mentor can help these students by introducing them with the school in general. When students first arrive on campus they look for various things to start their next big academic career.

For example they have problem understanding the campus which is usually spread over a large area. They need to know where they should go for medical emergency and they need to find where they can find food of their appetite. In this essay the first things a new student seeks are described in detail which the author has experience and observed with other fellow students when they first arrived on campus.

The most important things that freshman student needs to know are discussed below

Courses to take

When a student first arrives on the campus they need to decide which courses they should enroll and what is the minimum and maximum number of hours they can be enrolled in. It has been observed that some student take too difficult courses or take too much courses both of these conditions are not good. A mentor can help in deciding which courses might be good for at least the first semester at school but this is usually a role of an advisor describe later. If you are cought up with homework you can always order custom essay at our academic website.

Acquaintance with the campus

One of the most important things that a new student should know is the campus, which facility is housed where, where is the activities center, where is the student center, where the library is, where is gym located what are the places where a student can park and where they can’t, where the police, postal offices, registrar, graduate and undergraduate office are etc. These are very important things a student should know about the campus.

Meeting with the advisors

One of the thing that student needs to do once they first arrive on campus is to meet with the advisor, this is related to the selection of the courses but this may involve more, an advisor might recommend some prerequisites to the student depending upon his interests as a lot of students when they first arrive are indecisive about their major and minors.

Check in – in case the student is international

If a freshman is arriving as an international student then the student’s first task is to do a check in which is letting knowing the immigration authorities through the international office that the student has arrived on the campus and has properly got himself enrolled in courses. This is especially important for United States schools.

Employment opportunities

A lot of students come from other cities and states and have left their job, most of them then look for a job on campus so that they can do better in their studies because if they would work on campus it would be easier for them to study so knowing the employment opportunities are very important for them.
Funding and Scholarship

This is one of the first questions that a lot of new freshman ask and seek to find where they can go to apply for scholarship and funding opportunities. A mentor should be able to tell where to look for these. These offices are usually co-located with some other department on campus and not easy to find.


Student activities center is really an important place where a student can look for fun activities, find offices of different organizations such as Social and ethnic Groups and get involved on campus activity and above all get food. This is one other important place that should be shown to a new student.

Different type of student may have different types of needs but one common difficulty they all face is getting acquainted with the university web portal where all the course registration and other important stuff are done. This is probably one of the most important part and students might seek to find how to get to know it better.

Also the new arriving students could be international and the international students have their own unique issue, the first thing they look for is a place to live, a mentor needs to tell where they can find a place to live on campus or off campus. Being caught up with off campus activities is always an issue with freshmen – homework live help is and easy and smart way out. Best thing you can do in this case is to trust the professionals.

A mentor can only be a student who has been through this process and knows the ins and outs of the university very well. All these things that have been mentioned can help a student more in his new experience and can help him in settling faster and doing better in studies.